Job opportunities for mechanical engineers in Bangalore

Job opportunities for mechanical engineers in Bangalore

Development or Manufacturing of Machinery Equipments, Automobiles and Aircraft worldwide requires Mechanical Engineers. Equipments and machinery are developed under Product life cycle management. In Every stage or phase of the product life cycle management, mechanical engineers have a very important role.There is very good demand for Mechanical engineer in the product life cycle management

Job opportunities for mechanical engineers in Bangalore

The Different Stage or phases of Product life Cycle management are:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Validate
  • Support
  • Maintain
  • Disposal of Manufactured Goods

Design Phase of Product life cycle Management

In Design phase of Product life cycle management Mechanical Engineers can work as Design engineers. Knowledge of Mechanical CAD software is very much important to work as Design engineers

The Top 2D Design Software

Autocad  – The Basis design of Equipment, machinery,Automibles & aircrafts are done using Auto cad Autocad is the most widely used 2D Design software

The Top 3D Design software are

  • Catia
  • Creo
  • Unigraphics

For 3D Design software like Catia,Creo and Unigraphics are widely used In 3D Design Software one can design models using

  • Part Modeling
  • Drafting
  • Assemble
  • Sheet Metal
  • Surface Modelling

For  Meshing & Analysis .Companies use software like Hypermesh and Ansys

Nastran & Patran are used for analysis and as a solver

To work as Design Engineer knowledge of  Autocad,Catia,Creo,Unigraphics,Hypermesh Ansys and Nastran Patran are very  much essential.There is an ever growing demand for design engineers worldwide

Manufacturing Phase of production life cycle management

Once the Design of the product completed .The production of the product is started.In the manufacturing phase of the Production life cycle management mechanical engineers can work in production department

Once the product is manufactured Mechanical Engineers can work for Validate

Support,Maintain & Disposal of Manufactured Goods