Ø Defining Calendars
Ø Project Portfolio Management
Ø Defining the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
Ø Defining Organisation Breakdow  n Structure (OBS)
Ø Defining the Project Structure under the EPS
Ø Activities – Definition, sequencing & Estimating duration
Ø Effectively using the four types of PDM relationship
Ø Scheduling the project
Ø Defining constraints & overcoming conflicts
Ø Defining & Assigning activity codes
Ø Defining & assigning WBS codes
Ø How to organize the activities by using activity Codes & WBS codes
Ø Filtering activities
Ø Defining and assigning Work products and Documents
Ø Changing currency setting
Ø Defining Roles
Ø Defining Resources
Ø Assigning by Roles
Ø Assigning by resources
Ø Estimating the cost of the project
Ø How to analyse the resource by using resource profile & resource table
Ø How to do resource leveling
Ø Defining project codes and resource codes
Ø Updating the project progress & comparing the actual progress with baseline
Ø Analysing earned value management
Ø Preparing different types of tabular reports according to the industrial needs
Ø Preparing Graphical reports
Ø Highlighting the progress in the bar chart
Ø Application of Global change