Autocad Electrical training Institute Bangalore with 100% Job Assistance

Autocad Electrical Training Institute Bangalore Jayanagar

Ace Career Solutions, established in 2008, Bangalore, are a professionally managed training organization. Presently we are operating in the information technology domain offering training and consulting solutions and services.

We are Autocad Electrical Training Institute Bangalore Jayanagar

Autocad is a product of Autodesk. Autodesk Inc is an American Multinational software Corporation that makes software for Architecture ,Engineering, Construction ,Manufacturing ,Media and entertainment Industries .

Autocad –Electrical is the most widely used Design software for all 2D Design of Electrical designs worldwide


Electrical Engineering ,is a discipline deals with the study of design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems and their components, ensuring quality, safety, reliability, and sustainability. Electrical engineering  focuses on the manufacturing of electrical equipment used in a number of sectors including construction and building and the production and distribution of power.

Autocad Electrical Training Institute Bangalore Jayanagar

Autocad Electrical Training – Scope, Implementation, Application and Job Opportunities.

  • Electrical engineering is rapidly growing not only within core areas such as wireless communications and mobile technologies but also in other cross-functioning areas including nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.
  • The world is moving towards the renewable source of energy including hydel, solar and wind power, and multi-national corporations are searching for power generation experts.

Developing design for Electrical parts and Circuits  is one of the most important part of the Project life cycle Management .Autocad is one of the most widely used design software worldwide for Electrical design

Autocad Course Syllabus


  • Introduction to Electrical CAD interface,
  • Electrical Components and Wires
  • Design Methodologies
  • Project Files
  • Accessing Project Files
  • Add a Drawing to a Project File
  • Managing Drawings in Projects
  • Project Manager Drawing List

Schematics I

  • Single Wires/Components
  • Referencing
  • Ladders
  • Insert Wires
  • Edit Wires
  • 3-Phase Components
  • Source & Destination Signal Arrows
  • Insert Component
  • Parent/Child Components l

Schematics II: Multiwire and Circuits

  • Dashed Link Lines
  • 3-Phase Ladders
  • Circuits and Cables

Cable Markers

  • Fan In/Out
  • Insert Saved Circuits,
  • Save Circuits to Icon Menu
  • Circuit Clipboard,
  • Circuit Builder
  • Copy Component
  • Align
  • Delete Component,
  • Attribute Editing Commands l

Panels: Panel Drawings

  • Insert Footprint (Icon Menu)
  • Insert Footprint (Schematic List)
  • Insert Component (Panel List),
  • Edit Footprint
  • Assign Item Numbers,
  • Insert Jumpers,
  • Terminal Strip Editor
  • PLC Symbols, Insert PLC (Parametric)
  • Insert PLC (Full Units),
  • Insert Individual PLC I/O Points l


  • Point-to-Point Wiring Drawings
  • Insert Connectors
  • Edit Connectors
  • Schematic Symbols
  • Naming Convention
  • Icon Menu Wizard l

Database and Plotting:

  • AutoCAD Electrical Databases
  • Project Database,
  • Catalog Database,
  • Footprint Lookup Database,
  • PLC Database,
  • Plot Project,
  • Export to Spreadsheet,
  • Update from Spreadsheet,
  • Copy Project,
  • Verify Drawings.