Introduction to Hyper mesh

Getting started with Hypermesh

Ø Working with Fe-Models.

Ø Model viewing option using permanent menu.

Ø Quality parameters

Ø Shortcut keys

Ø Different techniques of mesh (eg : ruled , spline , skin, automeshetc )


Working with geometry

Ø Basic operations \ failures

Ø Advanced features for working with before meshing

Ø Note: Tips for considerations to be done before meshing


Introduction to Meshing

Ø Introduction to 2D – (Shell) elements

Ø Basic meshing operations & commands

Ø Meshing of surface using shell elements

Ø Properties of elements

Ø Meshing concepts & techniques

Ø Meshing & features of other 2D – commands


Introduction to 3D – elements

Ø Types of elements

Ø Features of 3D – elements

Ø Types of elements

Ø Features of 3D – meshing commands

Ø Tetra mesh & other 3D commands





Introduction to modification

Ø Commands in  Tool – Panel

Ø Commands in Geometry panel

Ø Commands in 2D panel


Introduction to 1-D elements (Theory)

Ø Where they are used, when they are using

Ø Creation of 1D – elements & commands

Ø Related to 1D elements


Other important concepts Include

Ø Extraction of Mid – surface, Quality checks

Ø Writing output checks for the different solves packages.

Ø Element, Specification for the project

Ø Consideration before starting a project.

Ø  Approach to the mesh