3DMax Syllabus

  • Basics Introduction 3Ds Max
  • Basic Transformation tools
  • View port navigation tools
  • Standard primitives
  • Extended primitives

Mirror, Array, Layer, Pivot adjustment tool,

  • Creating basic object using Standard primitives

Extended primitives

  • Modifies bend, Twist, taper, face extrude, FFD, lattice, melt, mesh, smooth, noice, optimize, push, Relax, Ripple, shell, skew, slice,  squeeze,  stretch, taper, UVW Map, wave…
  • Modifies using 2D shapes : extrude, Bevel, lathe
  • Compound objects : Boolean, Pre boolean, Connect, Scatter, chapmerg, Loft
  • AEC Extended: Foliage, Railing, Wall
  • Doors, Windows
  • Stairs
  • Materials:- Basic Shader

Basic parameters

How to apply the materials

  • Architectural Materials: Blend, Composite, Double, sided ink and Paint, Mettle Shadow

Multi sub object, Ray trace, shell, Shellac, top and bottom,

  • Lighting : ( I) Standard Lighting

(ii) Photometric

(iii) Light tracer

  • Camera : target, free camera
  • Walk trough: Rendering the walk through
  • Basic animation of the objects
  • Rendering Setup: sub tools completely covered
  • V-ray material
  • V ray lighting
  • Basic photoshop