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Dot Net Training Institute Bangalore Jayanagar Dot net Training

Ace Career Solutions, established in 2008, Bangalore, are a professionally managed training organization. Presently we are operating in the information technology domain offering training and consulting solutions and services.

We are Dot Net Training Institute Jayanagar Bangalore Dot Net Training

Dot Net Training Institute Jayanagar Bangalore

Dot Net Training

DOTNET  SYLLABUS                                             

VB .Net

 Overview of MS.Net

The .NET Framework

Framework Architecture

Types of Application

.Net Languages

The Common Language Runtime

Base Class Libraries, Assemblies


The Common Language Runtime

JIT Compilation

Advantages over other languages

Memory Management

Managed Code


Language differences and new features

Languages -VB.NET


Language and Syntax Enhancements

Classes, Methods, properties,

Access modifiers

Inheritance, Interfaces, Polymorphism

Delegates, Multi Threading, Arrays

Boxing and UnBoxing

Assemblies, Class Libraries

File Concepts

Building Console Applications

Creating Win Forms


Use of Controls in Win Forms

Building Menu Bar

Building Tool Bar

Building Context Menu

File Handling

MDI Application building

Exception Handling

Exception rising

Exception Handling & Debugging Win App


User controls & Custom Controls

Building controls, Use of Controls


Error Handling and Debugging

Understanding VB .NETs integrated debugging environment

Errors: compile-time, run-time and logical

Error handling: writing, creating and logging exception handling in code


Assembly, COM and Interoperability

Integration of .Net Assemblies with Win Apps

Integration of COM with Win Apps



Deployment  & Setup

Creating Setup, Publishing Deployment (Installation)


ASP .Net

Creating Web Form

Introducing ASP.Net

ASP vs. ASP.Net

Client Server communication

Three-Tier architecture

ASP.Net namespaces

ASP.Net Objects


State management & Web.config

Client Side

Server Side

Web Configuration file

Global file



Language and Syntax Enhancements

Building Console Applications

Classes, Methods, properties,

Access modifiers

Inheritance, Interfaces, Polymorphism

Delegates, Multi Threading, Arrays

Boxing and UnBoxing

Assemblies, Class Libraries


Web form designing

HTML Controls

Server Controls

Validation Controls

Web Forms

Master Pages

Java Script & CSS


User controls & Custom Controls

Building controls

Use of Controls


Template Controls

Data Grid

Grid View

Data List




Introduction to Web Security &


Security Considerations

Relationship between IIS and ASP.NET

Authentication Methods

Authorization& Impersonation

Code Access Security


File Handling

Files and directories

Uploading & Downloading files

Sending & receiving mails


Server Setup and Configuration

Server Setup and Configuration

Creating Virtual Directory

Deploying the Application

Testing the URL


RDBMS Design and Administration

Database Design

Defining RDBMS concepts

Mapping real-world object to databases and tables

Determining appropriate table schemas

Normalizing database tables for optimal data management

Modifying existing data with UPDATE

Retrieving data from tables using joins & GROUP

Building stored procedures & employing triggers

Creating user variables

Building user-defined functions

Writing stored procedures

Passing data to and from stored procedures



Introducing ActiveX controls and Objects

ADO.NET Architecture

Namespaces used

Data Access Styles & Data Binding

Connection and command Interface

Data Reader Interface

DataSet, Data table, Data Grid Errors and Exceptions


Using a Data Source

Using a Data Source in a Windows & Web Application

Data Connectivity for Windows

Applications & Web Applications

Passing Data to and From Stored Procedure

Using a Data Source in a Data Grids OLEDB Connectivity


Data Presentation

Introduction to Reports

Introduction to Crystal Engine

Creation of Crystal Report Format

Crystal reports integration with Web & Windows Applications

Discussion on Data Handling & Reports


Advanced Concepts

AJAX and DOM Using Java Script

Overview of JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript

The core JavaScript language

Arithmetic Operators

JavaScript flow control

JavaScript functions

Objects and events

JavaScript objects, methods and properties

JavaScript DOM


Database Administration

Identifying different SQL data types

Building and altering tables

Building Relationships

Adding indexes to tables for best performance

Creating user accounts

Allocating user privileges with GRANT and REVOKE


ANSI SQL DB Programming

SQL Programming

Adding and removing rows with INSERT and DELETE



Overview, Remoting in COM (+)

.NET Remoting Core Concepts

Remoting Architecture



Channels, Formatters

Marshaling Concepts, Proxies

Integration of Remoting

Windows Applications integration Remoting


Web Services

Alternative Solutions

Evolution of the Web

Benefits, Application Model


XML Technologies





Developing a Web Service

Publishing Web Services

Discovery of Web Services

Consuming Web Services

Invoking: HTTP-GET and POST

Invoking: HTTP-SOAP

Creating a Proxy, State & Security State Management

Security Model, HTTP and Firewalls

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Developing High Performance Apps


Integration of Web Services

Consuming Web Service in Real Time Apps

Integrating Applications

Deploying & Managing Applications

Developing High Performance Application



Introduction to Advanced MS.NET Technologies

Windows Communication Foundation(Description about SOA Architecture)

Windows Work Flow Foundation.(WWF)

Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)( Introduction to XAML)