Training Revit Structures New Features & Advantages Revit Structures

Training Revit Structures New Features & Advantages Revit Structures

Structure means the basic foundation in each and every part of the engineering where when it comes to civil engineering it plays an essential and predominant role. The structural engineering concludes the every essential credentials in building engineering, pipeline engineering, auto motive engineering, Air craft engineering, building Industries…etc. In considering the civil engineering structural design is very tedious work, it mainly concentrates on building plans elevations, columns, walls, trusses, different stages of floors…etc. here in civil structural concepts purely decided on the load bearing capacity, shear factors, rebar conditions…. etc.,  so in order to become an successive structural engineer the person or trainee should be keen in all aspects of the structural design, basic strength of materials, loads and conditions, also he must be good in usage effective software tool.

Auto desk Revit structure is an effective software tool produced by Auto desk such that it makes work easier and precise to the estimated plan. Auto desk Revit structure is a software tool which ensures the creation of virtual building model and analysed with the different loading conditions and safer design output to execute the real one. Where we can easily import any building plan into Revit structure, it’s very easy to make and modify the foundations, dimension properties and grids. In Revit structure its every easy to add floors, beams, columns, rain drainage in each stage of the execution of the building plan, here Revit builds an analytical model where we can add the loads and make load combination in the structural analysis process in Revit structure and also we easy review and modify the analytical model. Revit is capable to add rebar to any structural element no matter complex it was, it is easy to create BOQ to every element exists in product indicating all data. Revit can create all requires sheets for construction and makes easier in detailing the drawing using tagging tools.

Auto desk Revit structure 2017 has new improvements in structural work flow, structural design modelling and documentation, Reinforcement detailing, structural analysis….etc. Considering the structural work flow the modules like Generic, steel connections for Revit, split columns are improved and loaded with new add ins to increase the speediness and easiness in work, whereas considering the Reinforcement detailing there is improvements in Reinforcement connectors, Bent force fabricators, constrain rebar placement, variable rebar distribution and also allowed for new change in graphical rebar correction. So there is lot more essential tools and modules are included in Revit structure 2017.  It is a good chance for the students or trainees to get thorough training and knowledge in handling structural design work.

Ace career solution provides effective training in the aspect of Revit structure where the trainers in Ace ate wellwith the field knowledge and software handling. Ace provides an good training environment with suitable computers installed with Revit and also with minor projects to handle where trainees get an confidence in handling the software tool.

Autodesk Licensed Training Institute 

Revit Structures is a product of Autodesk.Autodesk Inc is an American Multinational software Corporation that makes software for Architecture ,Engineering, Construction ,Manufacturing ,Media and Entertainment Industries .

Ace Careers Solutions, established in 2008, Bangalore, are a professionally managed training organization. Presently we are operating in the information technology domain offering training and consulting solutions and services.We are an Licensed Autocad training institute & Revit Training Institute  in Bangalore.

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